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Aromatherapy Video


Aromatic Thymes
Vol. 7, #2 Summer 1999

What's New: Aromatherapy High Tech - High Touch
New Aromatherapy Music, Software and Video
by Pamela Parsons

New Video - Aromatherapy Journeys

Produced, directed, written, filmed and narrated by Kendra Grace, this video is a work of art. I am truly impressed. Kendra is an astonishing woman of seemingly unlimited talents. I have lusted after her exquisite Aroma Jewels® (hand cut semi-precious jewelry for the neck, fingers and ears each holding a single drop of a rare essential oil) for many years. Sensuous and provocatively beautiful, one does not expect this mother of three older children to have such a range of gifts.

What an incredible video! It is so beautiful that it is almost distracting. Plan to put your intellect on hold. Make no mistake. This video is loaded with facts about essential oils, and the plants, people, religion, ritual, economics, politics and the countries surrounding them. However, it is impossible to pay attention to details for the sheer beauty of the experience - the scenery, the photography, Kendra's mesmerizing voice and the background music.

This video is as sensuous as she is. Totally at home in front of the camera, Kendra speaks to the lens as if to a lover. Narrated in her thick Brazilian accent, Kendra perfectly conveys the earthy passion and mystical magic in these healing aromatic plants. Created over the period of a year, between the springs of 1997-1998, Kendra's aromatic journey began in Brazil with the rose harvest and festival. Then she went on to France and Provence for the lavender harvest and distillation. Back to the Western Hemisphere, she traveled to Brazil, the place of her birth and explored the ancient African roots and shamanic rituals of the aromatic plant magic and healing there. Before traveling back to the East again she returns home to review her collection of Brazilian gems and explores the relationship between the jewelry she creates and the oils that they hold for healing. India was her next destination. There she meets with Peter Wilde and participates in the jasmine harvest and luxuriates in the profusion of flower celebrations in every day life. The last stop was Tunisia in Northern Africa for the neroli harvest and distillation. Finally, at home in California, she talks about making a perfume from the oils she has learned about and the countries they represent.

OK the pictures were not as sharp as they could be, but the editing was beautiful with an overlapping of images and voices, slow motion photography, haunting music - I have already watched it twice and I am about to watch it again. Truly this video brings the soul and spirit of aromatherapy to the forefront and those of us with a passion for this healing art should be truly grateful for this gift to the industry.

Aromatherapy Journeys
Copyright 1998 by Kendra Grace
ISBN # 0-9644198-1-5
©Aromatic Thymes, Vol. 7, #2 Summer 1999

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