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Timeless Watch

AromaJewels® Timeless Watch

Almost one decade into the 21st Century, comes the Timeless Watch, delivering aroma for relaxation.

In a fast moving world, the Timeless Watch message is:

"it is time to stop and smell the roses…"


Timeless Watch

Quartz crystal & sterling silver.
Price includes rose perfume ( Rosa damascena otto & Rosa centifolia absolute, extended in jojoba) leather bands ( rust, silver & black)

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Created by Kendra Grace, the renowned aromatherapist and designer of her signature line, the fragrant jewelry Aromajewels®. Kendra has gone around the world in search for a new Flower Power (see her film Precious Essence, www.aromajewels.com ) before she designed a perfume for the Timeless Watch, using the top power flowers: the Bulgarian damask and the Moroccan centifolia roses combined.

Sitting on the triple heat acupressure points, the Timeless Watch will help you keep in time with relaxation, breath and release.

The Timeless Watch is a hand carved quartz crystal dome with sterling silver, and it comes with the rose perfume and three interchangeable true leather bands, silver, black, and rust. 


Nature's Geometry
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